2007 News Archive

- 12/01/07 The Digital Media Alliance of Florida is holding a motion capture event at Full Sail’s motion capture room starting at 6pm on December 11th 2007. The event will include a live motion capture demo as well as a panel with industry professionals from Sony Pictures – Imageworks, EA and Motion Analysis.

- 10/29/07 There is a new tutorial on how to use constraints in the Tutorials section. Enjoy!

- 09/17/07 More than 1gig of motion capture files donated by the Motion Capture Society are ready for download under the Library section.

- 08/19/07 The Vicon Film Festival is looking for submissions. There is a 10,000 cash price for the winner.

Participants need to create an animated story using the mocap data provided by Vicon. For more information and to download the data go to Vicon's dedicated website.

- 08/02/07 Mocap Industry Socials at SIGGRAPH! Wednesday August 8th starting at 9pm

7 pm to 9pm MCS meet and greet at the Omni Hotel.

9 pm to 1 am Vicon / Softimage / Pendulum party at House of Blues San Diego!

- 07/05/07 PhaSespace is going to be giving away mocap data at Siggraph this year. Participants will be able to request motions to be captured during Siggraph's Guerrilla Studio. This event regularly draws a big crowd so signup early.

- 06/04/07 There are going to be two Motion Builder Master Classes taking place at Siggraph this year:

The Character Animator Toolkit for Motion Builder by Chad Moore from Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA) and Brad Clark from the Animation Farm.
The course will cover character rigging and animation using Motion Builder as well as unique tools, workflows and special animation procedures needed in production.

Python Scripting for Motion Builder Artists by Jason Parks from Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA).
The class will illustrate how to create, rename and transform objects as well as rig and plot animation in Motion Builder using Python code.

These courses are of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about Motion Builder. I hope to see everyone there!!!
For more information visit the Autodesk Master Classes site.

- 04/13/07 MCS has made their wiki available to the world. It is full of useful mocap information. It even has a fun section on motion capture world records. Check it out!

- 03/26/07 The Motion Capture Society Forum is now online; it has a wealth of information and it provides an opportunity to have questions answered by professionals working in the Motion Capture Industry.

- 03/26/07 There is new material in the Tutorials and the Library sections. Enjoy!