2008 News Archive

- 09/30/08 New free motion capture ready for download in the library section. More than 50 new motions added to the MocapClub collection!!!

- 08/11/08 This week during Siggraph 2008, the top motion capture manufacturers and artists will be displaying and sharing their latest technology and techniques!

- 05/12/08 New tutorial that explains how Motion Builder's Control Rig Works in the Tutorials section!

- 05/03/08 There is a new tutorial on how deal with prop - motion captured character interactions when the prop is not captured. Look for it in the Tutorials section!

- 04/30/08 The Mocap Club Store is now up and running! Show your support to the site by wearing a mocap t-shirt. Enjoy!

- 04/09/08 The 2007 Motion Builder Master ClassThe Animator Tool Kit” by -Brad Clark and Chad Moore is now available for purchase. This DVD is a must for anyone that wants to learn more about rigging and animation for motion capture and traditional animation using Motion Builder.

- 02/27/08 Motus Digital a company founded by former video game industry artists is opening their new state of the art motion capture studio in Plano – Texas.
They are having a launch open – house on March 6th 2008 from 5pm to 9pm. The address of the event is: 2805 E. Plano Parkway. Plano, Texas 75074.