How to Clean a Character Studio Skinned and Weighted Model Tutorial

By Jimmy Almeida and Kevin Wang


17. Now that you have deleted files, the weighting of the character is thrown off.  Therefore, we need to reskin it in places.  This example will show you how to reskin the hands.  A good way to check if everything is weighted is to rotate the shoulder joints AND translate the pelvis.  Just be sure to take note of the coordinates in the Transforms Pane so that you can put it back to where it was.

18. SBRC on the character mesh.  Open Model>Skins.  A box pops up.  Alt+Drag the selected Mesh into the Model List.

19. SBC the Mesh to deselect it.  Drag a box around the affected verticies.  Then click on the joint that you want to assign them to in the Bone List.  Finally, drag the slider to the right to assign it 100%.  The points pop to the hands natural position.  In this case, there is only one joint in the hand and I notice that the other verticies in the hand are assigned elsewhere.  Therefore, I select them too so that all verticies in the hand are assigned to the same joint.  Use this same method for any other affected areas.

20. Your Character is now clean and able to be used.  Save out the file.