Sample Chapters

Here you can download some free chapter samples to preview The Mocap Book.

3 chapters and the table of contents are available for sampling, the book has a total of 16 chapters with more than 200 images illustrating the motion capture process, so be sure to buy the book if you like this free sneak peak.



Table of Contents

Contains a list of the book’s chapters and a link to the “follow along” files.


Chapter 01 Motion Capture Basics

This chapter gives an overview of the motion capture process making emphasis in optical mocap.


Chapter 09 Rigging for Motion Capture

This chapter covers the process of creating a motion capture friendly rig using Maya. The rig created in this chapter will be compatible with Motion Builder for motion retargeting and animation enhancements.


Chapter 15 Combining Motions (Motion Mixing)

This chapter covers the process of stringing motions together to create a specific performance. The chapter concentrates on the use of the Story Tool in Motion Builder to combine and edit motions.



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