The Mocap Book
A Practical Guide to the Art of
Motion Capture
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The Mocap Book: step by step instructions, practical exercises and illustrated examples of the different elements of the motion capture process including capturing, tracking, solving, integrating, animating and motion mixing.  
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News and Highlights

- 04/04/10 Ricardo Tobon's The Mocap Book: A Practical Guide to the Art of Motion Capture is now available at the MocapClub store. The Mocap Book compliments and expands on the material covered in the tutorial section of this site and it is a must-have for anyone wanting to take part in professional motion capture production for film, TV and video games.

- 02/28/10 It’s the 3rd anniversary of!!! Our most sincere thanks go out to all of our followers and supporters. We look forward to another year of bringing you the best on motion capture information and training.

- 12/16/09 We had the opportunity to talk with Naughty Dog’s Cinematics Animation Lead, Josh Scherr about the motion capture used in Uncharted 1 and 2. Read about it the new interview section!

- 08/03/09 Siggraph, arguably the most prominent computer graphics conference in the world in taking place during this week (August 3rd to the 7th). In it the computer graphics community will be sharing their latest advancements and developments.
The most prominent players in the motion capture world will be present at Siggraph 2009, sharing their insight and knowledge.

- 07/31/09 A new tutorial explaining a Softimage / Motion Builder rigging / mocap pipeline tutorial is available. Check it out in the tutorials section!

- 02/23/09 This month is the 2nd year anniversary of We would like to thank all the people that have supported the site over the years. Our gratitude also goes to the Motion Capture Society for helping us get started and their continued support.

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