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The Mocap Book: A Practical Guide to the Art of Motion Capture compliments and expands the material covered in the tutorial section of this site. It gives an in-depth guide to the exciting process of digitizing motions from the acquisition stages all the way to the animation enhancement and file integration stages.

The book provides step by step instructions, practical exercises and illustrated examples of the different steps of the mocap process that include acquisition, tracking, solving, integration, animation and motion mixing.

The Mocap Book is a must-have for anyone wanting to take part in professional motion capture production for film, TV and video games.


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The Mocap Book is also available at Amazon and the publisher's site.

About the Author

Ricardo Tobon is a CG artist, an international lecturer and a University professor. He has worked in the visual arts and entertainment field in the United States and South America. His animated shorts have been shown in film festivals worldwide.

Mr. Tobon was a key player in the founding of the online motion capture educational resource, he currently serves as the Chair for this project.

Ricardo holds a Master of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Mr. Tobon is a member of the Motion Capture Society, he designed the Motion Capture and Software Technology courses for the Computer Animation Program at Full Sail University where he currently lectures while he continues to work as an independent artist.